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Name:Harry Potter canon inquiry community
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Community description:For the heroic purpose of straightening out what is *really* Harry Potter canon.
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This community was born for the purpose of helping people settle questions they have about Harry Potter canon facts. "Canon" is construed as everything in the Harry Potter books, including Quidditch Through the Ages and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, all official, legitimate interviews, and everything to be found in, unless the site is at some point hacked. The Harry Potter movies, however, are not considered canon in this community. This community is an acknowledgment that those aforementioned interviews are difficult to keep track of and that Ms. Rowling's site, while pretty and impressive to look at, is nigh-on impossible to search for a specific fact.

The process is meant to go like this:

1. You are daydreaming at work/school about Harry Potter. Perhaps you have read an intriguing fanfic last night about Ludo Bagman. And you wonder - is it true? Is it confirmed that Bagman is a Death Eater in the books themselves?

2. You hurry to [community profile] canon_evidence during your study hall/lunch break and make a post, asking about the evil factor of Mr. Ludo Bagman.

3. If this community isn't too dead, you will hopefully get comments from other fans with everything they can remember from the books that concerns Mr. Bagman. If they are doing the thing properly, they will list which book and page number they are referring to.

It can be something like the example above, or a question about the validity of a ship, or when Voldemort speaks in a cold, high voice.

Also, we now have tags by which you can search for past questions about a certain subject, character, or posts made by certain users (the last, primarily to see what questions you have asked in the past). One fairly large caution: This community began in 2005, before even the sixth book came out, and of course we can potentially get new canon (as defined here, above) any day through new site info or by interviews. Please check the date the post was made to see if it is now outdated, and if you think there's even a very slight chance there might have been something released to contradict it, ask again.

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1. Please, only questions about Harry Potter.

2. And let's not have anything stupid - e.g. "Where does it say Harry has any magical powers???" There is a most excellent site known as the Harry Potter Lexicon. It has many, many facts of information. J.K. Rowling herself uses and recommends it. You're not above her.

3. Nothing off-topic. If you send me an email comment at my journal, asking if you can recommend this other community or that, I may actually let you. But if you don't, there's a good way to have your post deleted. And I'm looking forward to deleting entries, as I've never done that before.

4. Oh, here's a good one: before answering someone's question, check the other comments before yours. Just to avoid redundancy.

5. Back up everything you say. You don't have to have "sixteenth sentence on page 647 of the U.S. hardback edition," or even the page number, but a general reference to an interview, book, or if it was on her site...and be prepared to give a page number if someone asks.

6. Concerning spoilers and the necessity of their cuts: No spoiler cuts will be needed for questions about something related to the movies, no matter how soon it is after one of the movies comes out. (While movies don't constitute as canon here, there may be such questions as "How accurate was such-and-such scene in the fourth movie?")

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